With all the spinning my limbs do
I should be the only one in this house whose spirit is chaotic.
No. My motion is steady and calming.
Thus making me the only one stable here,
Aside from the walls.
But they like to gossip
While I am solution-oriented.
It’s why I have light bulbs.

I hear him and her
Yelling like students before the morning bell.
I’m not trying to tell who’s wrong or right.
I just hope words don’t ring and start a fight.
I’m blowing on their brains
Hoping cooler heads prevail.
But then, he raises his hand as if he’s about to pull my switch
A gentle hand becomes a violent fist.
Not again.
Yes, again.

As he treats her face like a fastball over the plate.
“You worthless bitch” escapes his lips.
I guess he recognizes the pitch in his own soul.
Her jaw falls perfectly in his strike zone.
I want to be the wind blowing in
So every time he connects, he doesn’t knock her out,
Someone catches her,
And he’s called out before he can run home.

Between her tears and my air
Her blood can’t decide to roll down her face or dry there.
She shot off at the mouth
And he decided his fist should be her silencer.
I wasn’t concerned with who was right.
I just want her to stop believing this is love.
Find a newer edition of it and leave him behind.
I would gladly be unscrewed, unplugged,
Then fall on him from above,
To ensure he acted like a man after tonight.

Round and around they go,
Just like I do.
Round after a round with blows,
But he doesn’t keep his cool.
She deserves a better man
She deserves a better fan.
One who will support her when the vents and conditions have gone bad.