Oh, dear.
This is where I get scared for you
When I decide that it’s unfair for you to be this near.
I would rather assume now
Than be manipulative later
So as selfish as this sounds,
I am doing you a favor.

I think.
Except, well,
You’re still here.
When I believe I’ve broken your resolve,
You become more persistent.
When I blow warnings on your heart,
It turns to brick.
I apologize for being so altruistic.
Trying to find balance after I have been so self-centered;
It’s difficult to get myself centered to see that you are precious, yet strong.

No one has lasted this long since…
I dropped the last gem I clutched.
So it’s I who is afraid that my grip isn’t strong enough.
How can I ask you to trust my heart
When I can’t trust my hands?

Of course, you understand.
You’re still here.