She better not speak.
Craving to be fed
Hope drips from her lips
She begins to water.
But, I want her to quiver a little longer
And tremble at the thought of good behavior not being rewarded.
Pleas of, “please”
Begging to serve
At least, to be on her knees.
Her need to be used had her becoming demanding.
But she talks too much, so her punishment is to remain standing.

She wants to be bent.
Feel authority on her skin.
When I look into her pupils.
I see the yearn to be taught a lesson.

The secrets of her desire scream louder by the exhale.
She tells me all because that’s what she’ll give.
That’s what I implore. That’s what her reward entails.
Once her words are revoked, she is much more receptive.

Sensual sentences in her saliva.
The reason why I don’t want her mouth shut.
This is to show her that she must remain open
Until I decide that she’s had enough.