I have no clue what the hell I am doing

Out with the old. In with the newer, unsure of if I am worthy.

But I proceed anyway, since she said I was deserving

I have everything I will need on this journey.

Societal influences? Yup.

The way my heart melted the first time she looked into it? Mmhmm.

The visions of her I get when seeing her in music? Also included.

A list of what I hope are the right priorities eternities long,

Labeled as from Prague

Checked off, but still foreign to me.

Here I am, headed towards destiny with no idea how to start.

I had to find a way. Heart yearned to expand its flames

Burned for a chance to blaze a path of greatness.

No matter how rough the road, it is one we have to take

We will navigate the sharp turns and flat terrain

When it has to rain

When the blood, sweat, and tears run to my cleft…

I will look in her eyes, hear her joyous smiles, and instantly be reminded of why we left

Take my past knowledge in my left

My future foundations in my right.

With her in my chest

We embark on a new life

My feelings in her hands

Showing where the signs are positioned

Her cries in my eyes

Joy and pain in our vision

Progress towards destiny

Love language is our mission

We will see and understand it all

Determined to finish.

This is what I have been waiting for, right?

Desert old life

The opportunity of a lifetime

For a chance at a lifetime with a lover

And foolishly with no foresight.

Hers or mine

The blind needing the blind

Is how our passions are tied to each other

So what? I love her

From when I had no idea of what my soul realized was fact

To when I was in old defiance of that

To now with the understanding of our trails united

Mine sparked and hers as the torch to keep it ignited

We want to build together, though, despite what we lack.

Questing on with questions

Knowing the answers lie ahead

Connecting through progression

Going where our spirits direct.

In the threads of our hearts are the notes of everything we have been through.

On the journey with no idea where it will end

But it is the one we were meant to.

To be continued…