I’ve decided to learn the guitar

Not to be one of those dudes in the park

Strumming along in hopes of finger-picking my way into lady parts

Another reason.

Other than most of the meals I’ve eaten,

All the Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.

And (insert name of liquor)

There aren’t too many things I’ve finished that were not necessary

Saying, “I’ll get to that later.”

I have countless poems, paintings, song lists on various media players,

Feelings of attraction, paling hearts, souls, emotions, all waiting

Wasting away because I was too afraid to commit.

Even with things I already had knowledge of

Things I was good at.

Ya know, “artsy” stuff.

Drawings and coloring books gathering dust,

The ability to love and gain another’s trust

Cast aside because I chose not to stay disciplined

“Oh, that will be there when I return.”

“Oh, she’ll like me even though I give her affection on my terms.”

Placing life on pause like some sort of game.

Toying with intimidation, playing it as boredom

Knowing deep down I was completely afraid of completion.

But not this

Once I get my hands on this instrument and place my ten to her six

I will be her apprentice

Submitting to her stringed will because I don’t know shit

About her

But there’s something about her

The depth she gets on her own power

No extension cords. Just progressive ones

The pain I’ll feel in my hands will be a respectful one.

I’ll be memorizing the alphabet in another language

Our conversations will be horrible until I master her speech patterns

I’ll marvel at her appearance until that happens

I love her beauty enough to engrave it into my spirit.

Be as understanding of her soul as she is of mine when I hear it

She soothes me

Easing my unknown in a way so I no longer fear it.

That’s what ailed me

Being scared of investing time in something not knowing the outcome.

Undone projects, deeds, and heartfelt

“I like you’s”

Sitting in a pile marked “Never Will Become”

I won’t do that with her

I will finish what I’ve begun

See something develop that I started because I chose to do it

Even though, I get the feeling she did the choosing.

Once I caress my acoustic

Despite the truth that I’m going to be terrible at it for a long time

For once in my life

I’m gonna stick through it