#WriteFree365 – Day 294: Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

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(This has been one of my favorite songs since before I knew all of what it meant.  Something about the live band aspect of it that makes it so epic.  Day 294…)

You can’t disguise the pounding of your heart.  I see your eyes, and you can’t hide…

There you are
The most beautiful wrecking ball I’ve ever seen
For someone with bidding on her mind
You have an interesting choice of machinery

Yes, my heart is made of reinforced brick
But that’s because it was mistaken for granite
That the last construction chief sought to tear it down.
But this model needs not be crashed into
I know falling is an uncontrolled action
But that’s better than attempting to topple this edifice
Because the size of architecture frightens you

Eye contact shouldn’t make me run for cover
It may make you clumsy
But it does not have to make you destructive
I’ll break your fall
Without you trying to break me.

#WriteFree365 – Day 293: Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better

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(I live by this principle: There’s no such thing as a bad day.  Days have bad moments, but at long as I’m off sound mind and body to talk about them, no day can truly be bad.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself of that.  Day 293…)

But I know the dark clouds won’t stay.  Tomorrow is gonna be better..

The difference between knowing and believing
Is facing an obstacle
And being ahead of it
Yesterdays went from feathers on wings
To lengthening a chain
Only as strong as its today.

Turning around
Seeing the massive trail of weight dragged in the sand
Sand that can’t be collected
And life looks like Mojave
Look at how far you’ve come
Remember that the chain won’t break anywhere back there
And keep going.

#WriteFree365 – Day 292: Three Letter Word

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(Yup. Day 292…)

It seems that I can’t get enough…

I’m sick of being called a fiend.
Addictive, it is, yes
But nothing is harmful about the desire to practice procreation.
If it were
Then my visible effects from thinking about it
Wouldn’t be met with the desire to take everything I have.

Penetration feels like nothing
Other than penetration
The beauty in trying to compare it
Is the fantasies that play and replay
Until I’m throbbing with need for sequels
When willing flesh is parted by my most sacred extension of self
Arousal is mutual
There’s nothing more pleasurable than giving pleasure
Turning what is wanted into what the body needed
Stroking and touching another
Until climax
And another memory created.

#WriteFree365 – Day 291: Shoulda

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(A peaceful Saturday night.  Fall is setting in.  This is my favorite time of year.  Cooler days and colder nights.  Day 291…)

Another round of “if only’s” of all the ways you could know me…

There’s nothing between us but air and opportunity
That reflective glass
That captured moment
When I attempt to move closer
The thud of illusion stops me
Reality keeps moving
And I feel fooled
Enough to use it as an excuse
To stand still.

I go from seeing only you
To seeing myself
Frozen in embarrassment
And I just walk on
Without saying anything
Stronger than the maybe that held me back
Like a friend playing the part
Knowing I wasn’t going to do a damn thing anyway
Except think about
What would have happened

#WriteFree365 – Day 290: Rose-Colored Interlude

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(This “Pink Syrup” album by The Tay has very little words, but the idea behind it is very prominent.  This is the one minute interlude on it.  Day 290…)

It’s going to make you cry.  It’s going to make you drunk.  It’s going to make you smile.  It’s going to make you cum…

My thoughts of you
Were pure like freshly washed whites
Your legs decided to welcome me
Pink beautifully stains my mind
And the deeper I go
The more of you I get on me
Turns them from just thoughts
To desires
Something in the hue of love

Bites and scratches along my ribs
Prelude to the thorn in my side you will be
If I stay here any longer
If your kiss lingers any longer
With my nose near your petals
I cannot see past the bloomed flower
Begging for me to inhale its scent

#WriteFree365 – Day 289: I’ve Told You Now

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(I’m beginning to forget some of the songs I’ve already written to.  Right when I started, I decided not to repeat a song, only songs with the same titles, if applicable.  I’m also beginning to forget which songs I haven’t written to that I often play.  Day 289…)

But what the hell?  Why do you think I come around here on my free will, wasting all my precious time?

You have a smile like a song caught halfway through
I love it
But when I tell others
I can’t quite put the words together
I mumble.
Something, something
You know how it goes
Until that part comes on

I constantly ask you to repeat yourself
To memorize the lyrics in your cheeks
Huh means I’m gathering even more focus on the quarter notes
Looking for places to rest
To catch my breath
Lost somewhere near the hook in your top lip
Parting your mouth breaks the chorus line
Your bottom lip is full of adlibs
Lead singer with impromptu solos
But it gives the group much added flavor.

I promise
If you let me listen to you
I’ll harmonize
I hum along to its melody in my chest
I may not know it from beginning to end
But I will
By heart

#WriteFree365 – Day 288: Sex

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(If you are familiar with me and my writing…I’ll leave it at that.  Day 288…)

I like it.  I love it.  I want it all the time.

I dig deep
Never the same stroke twice
Every position is memorable
Enough to fantasize about that time I spread legs in December
Over the couch
Repeat the first sentence

The best sessions lead to thunder
The rumble of orgasm growing louder the closer precipitation comes
Nothing beats getting caught in the rain
So lovely
Neither of us are concerned about stains

Always enough time between turning her over
Long enough to enjoy it
Quick enough to get everything in
Creative enough for many entendres
How can someone so open be such a perfect fit?
Deeper I go
It feels I’ll break through
But even when I hit the bottom
I always rise again
Drilling that’s filling
Rediscovering what I thoroughly search
That’s mine
She always says it.

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