#WriteFree365 – Day 331: She Gives Me Religion

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(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  If you weren’t aware, today means there are 34 days left in the year.  Here is today’s entry…)

And the angel of imagination opened up my gate.  She said, “Come right in.  I saw you knocking with your heart.”

Is a mortal’s definition of that pull in the chest
That urges one to believe in something greater than flesh and bone
Humanity took that definition and ratified it
Made it law that other men have died over
Claiming their work was done through faith
I guess their faith isn’t dead even if they perish.

But she can’t see the danger in this
Every word in her direction
Might has well come from Sinai
Etched in her rib cage
And yet she worships me
For reasons she knows but doesn’t understand
She lives in awe of a man
Who’s just a man
Bowing and praying
In full service
Because she has faith in a higher power.

#WriteFree365 – Day 330: A Change Is Gonna Come

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(Everyone knows this classic.  The lyrics still apply.  I don’t think I’d ever do it justice by writing to it.  Day 330…)

There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long.  But now I think I’m able to carry on…

You, piece of an object posing as immovable.
This unstoppable force is real
Inevitability resides with me
And we will speedily reach a conclusion
To the question of what happens when we meet.

You cannot kill our spirit.
You cannot kill our spirit.
Our blood gives the bricks of this country’s foundation its color.

We will have a better country
We demand it
And since change is the only constant that exists in this Universe
Prepare for a different world.

#WriteFree365 – Day 329: The Boy Who Cried Love

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(Today’s idea wouldn’t leave me alone.  Day 329…)

And now it’s true, but you don’t believe me.  What can I do to change how you see me?

It is said
That women fall in love in the moment in which they say “I love you”
But men
No matter how much he means those three words
Only loves from afar
To him,
Distance allows enough room for his heart to grow fonder to the idea that he actually loves someone.
The ties that bind his heart with another
Must have the tension of being stretched
In order to play melodies of love
And they say don’t fall in love with musicians.

Maybe being closer causes him to trip over his love
And his fall is embarrassing instead of freeing
So he enjoys the thrill of watching the object of his heart plummet towards the ground
Trusting that the cord will hold
And he can soothe any vibrating fret by gripping tightly on his instrument
And they say
Never let boys play music for you

Love is the song that never ends
Some boys start singing it
Not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue singing it forever
Just because…

#WriteFree365 – Day 328: God Theory

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(I am blessed to call the voice on the song used in today’s entry a friend.  He’s gifted with words.  Day 328…)

Every line I kick possesses an element of timelessness. And I attribute the divine to this…

What if creativity is the divinity in us?
Forget theologies
What if the proof of higher power existed once you made something?
Every time you apply inspiration and develop it into something that didn’t exist
You sent a prayer
And received a blessing
And restored faith in that divinity you bow to?
Isn’t that a genesis for a revelation?
This could be hubris
Or this could be omniscience manifesting in the realm of the mortal.
But have you ever made something
And after it was done
Not quite understand how something so amazing came from you?
That’s the sinner in you doubting the deity in you
But even your mortality stands in awe of you.
Accept it.

#WriteFree365 – Day 327: War of The Sexes

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(This entry is one of those ideas that I feel I can’t elegantly put into words.  Day 327…)

The woman is a highly socially-practised
Master in body language, dab-handed actress
She’s calculating all the mad facts and the figures
While you’re pretending to listen staring at her tits

The eternal clash between x and y
Is a problem that will never be fully solved
Both sides
Defensive and offensive
Attempting to discover the nonexistent truth
That one gender is not better than the other

Godly beings
Trying to determine who’s closer to The Almighty
And who fell from divinity and rose as hellspawn.

We hate that which we don’t understand
Diminish it until curiosity turns into animosity.
The battle continues

#WriteFree365 – Day 326: Love Bomb

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(In the grand scheme of the world, this has been a draining year.  N*E*R*D has an idea.  Day 326…)

Don’t need another love song.  We need a love bomb, to just blow us away… friggin blow the lights out…

At times
Doesn’t feel like enough of an action
The pen being mightier than the sword
Has disclaimers written in invisible ink
That what I strike the paper with
May change the world
Like planting seed in dirt
Changes the world
Even if the other side of the planet never sees it

I need a nuclear peacehead
Divine weapon constructed from John 3:16
For the God in me so loved the world
That I want to destroy all this hate with an element in my words so unstoppable

But we don’t need recitation and prose
We need to be walking stanzas of compassion
Exploding when we touch another
Reloading as necessary
Our ammo is unlimited
Someone on the other side of the world
Will see this mushroom cloud of hope
And change the world.

#WriteFree365 – Day 325: Wherefore Art Thou, Gene Simmons?

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(Frank Turner, man.  He’s a genius.  Day 325…)

Not that I can point the finger, I’ve been a sinner just the same.  Fallen hard in love at hotels, and by sunrise, lost her name..

Contrary to popular belief
I don’t bleed hearts for ink
I don’t dip into the jar of unrequited desire in order to write more perceived hypnotic art
Left to right is the way I was taught to write
I’m not placing you under a spell
Now if you come at the snap of my fingers
That’s choice over manipulation.

Hearts may shatter because they were thrown and not caught
I’m not obligated to hold every beating essence
Attaching to my words
Does not mandate me to carry your heart

I’m sorry you are enamored with the artist through his art.
I’m not sorry I didn’t return infatuation to you
But I will not take the entrails of your heart
And make an example of you.

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