#WriteFree365 – Day 211: The Definitive Prayer

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(I guess my spirit has actually accepted the gifts that come with the consistency of writing every day.  Day 211…)

Now bring in the reprise, and let the beat breathe.  I let you comb through the poem of what’s beneath these…

If I should die
Give me the strength to understand it isn’t too soon
But until then
Give me the strength to have my voice bellow across mountains
And the faith I produce give other mustard seeds the courage to toss the Himalayas aside

Fear has no power here
I don’t hide in shadows
For I am light
Darkness cowers at my feet
Begging for the reprieve of evening.
Sun rises
And they’re reminded a new day is here

May the blank page continue to bless me with space
And when I run out
I hope I have said everything I was charged to say
Now I lay me down to sleep..

#WriteFree365 – Day 210: Somebody to Love

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(Freddie Mercury is one of my favorite musicians ever.  You can tell he was born to do music.  You’ve heard this song.  You probably love it.  Day 210…)

Somebody, somebody, can anybody find me somebody to love?

If you aren’t looking
Focused on whatever gizmo life has made
That you swear you need
You’ll bump into them
As accidental as a random explosion
And time
Brought you to that exact moment
Excuse yourself
Introduce yourself what seems like again
Your heart will smell the stardust in the other

If you happen to watch where you’re going
Seeing the signs will cause your one dormant volcanic core to bubble
That lava has been waiting millennia to erupt
That’s why it’s so dangerous
And why you’ve been an island for do long
Don’t be afraid
The Earth can handle your fire
It was made for you to inhabit
Take your map and discover that treasure.

#WriteFree365 – Day 209: Not Enough Hours in The Night

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(Another easy writing day.  Also, my fascination with etymology makes certain ideas easier to beautify.  Day 209…)

I’ve got so much I want to say.  I’ve got so much I want to do.  There never seems to be enough time to be with you…

There are moments
When the Universe beckons for me
To be the Sun I’m supposed to be
That I want to look out into space
And say
“Not now.
I’m holding love in my lap.”

If it feels like suspended time
Even if the sand still pours
That’s an eternity worth believing in.
Caressing her cheek
Hearing her sing the melody in my heart
We were made for each other
Even if the hands of the clock urge me to follow them
I look the other way
And into her soul

I want this forever
No other forever is for me
I wish time learned about the pleasures of walking
Sitting under the stars with your very own Estelle
And just living

Duty calls
But I’d rather hear her hums from my caress
I’ll work overtime in the morning.

#WriteFree365 – Day 208: Looking Down

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(This song has nothing to do with the subject of the poem, but that’s not how this works.  I use whatever I am given.  Day 208…)

Many miles between me and you…

I can see the world in her eyes
She sees Heaven in mine
A place where spirit can be free
She’s praying to me
A man
Who understands salvation.
Hers is just like Our Father’s
She is saved by grace
Through faith
That she will leave her earthly body
And journey to Zion in my name.

It’s intriguing
She understands that her requests are just that
And she is the one with obligations to serve
Yet she begs
It is begging
On her knees
Staring at my face because I allowed her to
Hoping that blessings come sooner than later
Despite always being on time

Earth is a demanding planet
And I’m glad I gave her

#WriteFree365 – Day 207: The Song Is Ended

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(Today was an easy writing day.  Day 207…)

You and the song are gone, but the melody lingers on…

All I can hear
After the last words have been belted
Is the hiss of tears down your face
It’s time for a change
A new record to spin
Our love is on vinyl
Impossible to rewind
Without scratching
And possibly damaging
A piece of history
Every once in awhile
The melody of our kiss gets stuck in my head
And I transfer it to wax
Then burn
Singe each mega bite from my neck
So someone else’s music can be copied
Over you

#WriteFree365 – Day 206: ‘Cause I Love You

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(This song is the recipient of a lot of jokes.  But no one discredits the emotion in it.  In the words of Steve Harvey, “Lenny meant that shit.”  Day 206…)

I love you, baby, with all my heart and soul…

We’ve said it
We’ve expressed it
Inside and out
I’ve kissed it around your navel
You’ve etched it into my back

The reasons why are omitted
Because reason became influenced by powers higher than he
And under the intoxication
Blanketed statements like “because”
Are good enough for us.

Grammar suggests
To never define a word by using said word in the definition
But love
How I love you
The only way to explain
Is to say I love you.
That logic is good enough for us.

#WriteFree365 – Day 205: Hello

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(Writing as the first thing I do when I wake is a very interesting wrinkle in my creative process.  Day 205…)

First sight, and I’m dazed.  in going crazy, constantly thinking if I should take a chance…

You have the kind of greeting that sounds exotic
In another language
I know what you’re saying
But don’t know how to reply
Your halo has my thoughts scrambled
The holy in your hola leaves me silent in your presence like the h
I’m at the beginning
Just breathing,
Hoping my exhales are the start of something.

Words get trapped in a labyrinth
I am the Mays
Trying to make contact
Any contact
To say “hey”
And begin the journey around the bases.

But I just get caught looking…

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