#WriteFree365 – Day 304: Higher

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(There is never an inappropriate time to delve into D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” album.  There’s something peaceful about it.  Day 304…)

Send me in ecstasy with your love…

I wanted to fly
But heights make me nervous
So I needed an angel
To show me how it’s done.

My breath being taken away
My chest swollen with her downwind
Following her essence like perfume trailing off her collarbone
Makes being up here
More dream come true than nightmare

Whoever said it was lonely at the top
Didn’t soar high enough
Didn’t reach for the heavenly body among the stars
They merely got close enough to look at them

#WriteFree365 – Day 303: Sierra Leone

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(It’s amazing what reading another’s words will do to my own creativity.  I had the pleasure of reading a friend’s screenplay.  It unlocked my own creativity so quickly, and here is today’s entry.  Day 303…)

I don’t live in Denver.  I grew up in Sierra Leone, and get pink skies will keep me warm..

When you picked me up with your hand
From the soil
And felt all that Africa fill your spirit
Did you question why I was so rough?
Did you wonder to yourself why anyone would walk past something so naturally beautiful
I mean
Who would scoff at the gem made of the unbreakable essence of the beginning of civilization?

I don’t come from Egypt
Don’t romanticize me like Giza.
And I’m not the embodiment of the freedom that Johannesburg fought for
You can’t fathom the blood spilled over me
The hearts left mutilated trying to cut me into something to be put on display
I’m not meant for glass
The emergency will be because of me
Breaking the casing of the woman who was willing to die to have me.

So darling
Ask yourself
Are diamonds really your best friend?

#WriteFree365 – Day 302: Stay With Me

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(By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the song.  I’m almost just as sure that you’ve never heard a man be that vulnerable.  Day 302…)

How am I so emotional?  I know that’s not a good look.  Gain some self-control…

I guess
This is where I’m supposed to “man up”
And revel in how my bed is a massage parlor
Schedule pleasure with someone I’ll remember on my skin
But not in name.

I guess I’m too pound my chest in bravado
But I can’t stop the thunderous beating on the inside
And I’m too scared
To strike mid heartbeat
Lest my heart stops
But that’s how I’m supposed to be as a man

I’m sorry I’m not the man I’m supposed to be
And that looking for love from a chocolate lover
Is like looking for God in a bite of Godiva
It shares the name
So it must be divine
We shared a bed
So it must be divine.

#WriteFree365 – Day 301: Everything Is Borrowed

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(Rainy days. By now, you knew what they do to my creative process.  Day 301…)

Just when I discover the meaning of life, they change it.  Just when I start loving life, it starts raining…

Nothing lasts forever
But nothing doesn’t have to be the end
Whatever lies at the end
After we fade to black.
The sand in the hourglass
Given by He Who Puts Us To Sleep
Has a return date only he knows
Shooing him away
Ignoring his calls
And knocks
But make him smile
With the grin of a man
That knows
He always leaves with something.

#WriteFree365 – Day 300: Lego House

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(This is a monumental day.  I’ve never committed to my craft in this way before.  It’s just amazing.  Day 300…)

I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house. If things go wrong, we can knock it down…

Maybe it’ll look better as something else
After demolishing what you fleetingly loved
You can build something worth more permanent adoration.
Discard the pieces that don’t fit
Love the irregular shaped construction
That comes from applied time
I’m sorry your time was inevitably wasted
But at least
You can build something else
Worth more permanent adoration

#WriteFree365 – Day 299: Sex, Love, Ecstasy

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(iLoveMAKONNEN isn’t the most vocally gifted singer Ebert, but he has some very realsubjects in the songs of his I’ve listened to so far.  Day 299…)

I can’t be the man of your dreams, but I can be your fantasy…

When I said I was the Man of Your Dreams
Like those fantasies you have
You don’t get to choose which dreams I invade.
You know they’re incomplete, by nature
Just like those dreams
You rise from slumber wanting more
Trying to remember how I got there
How you got there
And whether or not it was real
It sure feels real
Doesn’t it?

#WriteFree365 – Day 298: Me And Lazarus

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(Iron & Wine, another recently found artist thanks to Spotify, has some really incredible metaphoric storytelling.  Day 298…)

Must be a symptom of outstanding circumstances…

I asked him
“What was dying like?”
Building the courage to ask him what I really wanted to ask
He replied
“It brought me closer to God.”
The divinity in him knowing what I wanted was not lost on me
He walked like a man with new testament written in his bandages
Proving that words can never hurt
Because words can always heal.

Then, I cried
And He said,
“Yeah. Like that.”

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