#WriteFree365 – Day 245: It’s A Man’s Man’s World

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(I feel asleep after work, and my conscious wouldn’t let me stay there.  It feared me missing today’s entry by sleeping away the time.  It remembers those days, and doesn’t want to go back.  Anyway, this is nowhere close to poetic, but it’s just as important.  Day 245…)

This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl…

  Men should protect women
Well dressed metaphors and analogies
Don’t seem to work well with the more literal gender
Just as women’s clothes don’t seem to matter
To some who view them as toys
Toys for boys
Who don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves
And refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with being
A man..

What she’s wearing
Does not void her rights as a person
Do not blame her
For what “she should have done”
When what happened would never occur
If a man was a better man.

Of everything given to us to protect
The most valuable creation
Is still seen as worthless
If this is our planet, fellas,
We have the power to better women’s places in it.

#WriteFree365 – Day 244: SpottieOttieDopalicous

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(We’ve reached another holiday.  Labor Day symbolizes the nearing end of summer.  Today’s entry doesn’t match the song, but fits the mood perfectly.  Day 244…)

SpottieOttieDopalicious has lyrics, but I just want you who’ve never heard it to let the music into your space.

A song can dance its way into your spirit
And her
They who never respond to your hi
Killing your morning buzz
Are drowned out by
“The jam”

Songs don’t get stuck in your head
They embed themselves in your heart
When finally sitting down isn’t enough to force that load off your chest.

Lyrics don’t matter
Your memory has enough space to make your heartbeat compatible to this record
The play button is medicine
Self prescribed by your spirit
To help you turn Monday into just another groove

#WriteFree365 – Day 243: Buried Alive Interlude

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(It was tough to find a song today.  But when I did… eight straight months of writing.  Day 243…)

I jump right in and fall asleep, ’cause you are the death of me…

At this point,
The cause of death
Only matters to those who’ll know our story long after I’m gone
The truth straddles two sides
Mine digging deeper into my mind to lay
And yours closing the coffin
While I still looked at you wondering
If you were sure.

Goodbye is a premeditated crime
Murder two
Souls who knew demise was imminent
I stared in the eyes of my killer
As beautiful as you are
Missing your demeanor
Added to your charge
Another degree
Made you colder
Turning a vow into a felony

I hope you can hear me banging underneath your ribs
That dirt piled onto my gravesite
Won’t keep my spirit from haunting you
It’s only right neither of us get much sleep.

#WriteFree365 – Day 242: The Narrow Path

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(“Below the Heavens” is an album I’ll love forever.  It’s a record in which I have a different favorite song after playing it.  Day 242…)

Traveling down this yellow brick road until it frees me.  I need a pen.  I need a pad.  I need a place to go to get this shit lifted off of my soul…

The Universe makes no mistakes
It’s more than coincidence, to me,
That a man named Frost
Wrote about a less traveled path.

The chilly wind follows like a surname
Adding echoes to voices accompanying me
Reminding me of the loneliness.

In solitude
Each step creaky
Unsure if this is hajj or exile
Paradise can’t be felt
Touching wintry branches attached to cold shoulders
And the warmth of the group meandering through the other path
Is too far

When the end is not in sight
The end
Is an idea I’m imagining as happily as ever after can be for a storyteller
That fights the thought of writing as only a falling action.

Dear Mr. Frost
The Road Not Traveled is not as pleasant as your words are.
But you knew that.

#WriteFree365 – Day 241: Soul Sista

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(It is always on my heart. Always.  Day 241..)

It’s all in her eyes, you and me.  Words just disguise all of the things that you be…

I can strip this song of its eroticism with one carefully placed comma
One pause on the fetishism of women with lovely
Lovely brown skin
To acknowledge the relative bond we have to them spiritually.

You must be my soul, sister.
You are that breath between the divine and mortal
That reminds me why I’m alive
And the blessing it is to have goddesses walk among me.

You must be
My soul
I may live without you
But I don’t want to
I pray that should I leave
That God Himself
Takes care of you.

#WriteFree365 – Day 240: Simply Beautiful

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(This song encompasses a lot of how I construct my words.  Simple, short, and meaningful.  Day 240…)

What about the way you love me, and the way you squeeze me?…

Being in love
Is writing sonnets with your eyes
When everything you want to say
Won’t fit in the lines

Every poem
Has a poem within the spaces
Is patterned sound and rest
So what tempo
Is mine
If I love you while I sleep?

Every blink is another note in the symphony
Reading the key signatures in your smile.
Or no words
You are
The song I sing.

#WriteFree365 – Day 239: The Panties

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(There isn’t much to say about this song.  It’s awesome, and I finally wrote to it Day 239…)

I got so much that I want to do, but I can show you better than I can say.  Let me show you…

I understand that you cover your comfort carefully
With woven inhibitions
But if you’d step out of them
After I’ve pulled them to your feet
You’ll see my skin as your fabric
Will more than suffice.

I want to kiss
Put my lips to fertile soil
To show appreciation for earth granting me privilege to plow
Shovel discovers treasure buried
Beneath layers of apprehension
I carve a place for seeds to be planted
Inside you
Feels like the Garden of Eden before sin
Something God created
Perfectly made for an original man.
Remove the angel print in white protecting your gates
And let’s rewrite Genesis
Where knowing we’re naked is knowledge
For the holiness in us.

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