#WriteFree365 – Day 105: Wheel of Fortune

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(I love finding new jazz songs the most.  I often think I was meant to be born in an earlier time, considering the release years of most of my favorite songs.  I also just realized I’m still not even a third through the year.  Day 105…)

While the wheel is spinning, spinning, spinning; I’ll dream of winning…

I rely on my strength
I send my brain spinning
Pushing it along
But not too much
In hopes of being able to guess.

I don’t want to lose my turn
Or worse
Lose all that the sanity I banked
Through correct estimations
Each letter is used as hope to uncover the truth about whatever mystery is on the board

Whatever category the Almighty Host presents
I can’t say jack
Just be constant
And pay for my vows with time
Because time is money
Time is sanity
And I’m willing to spend a little of it to find clarity.

I’d like to solve the puzzle.

#WriteFree365 – Day 104: Our Love

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(Gregory Porter is an amazing artist.  If you haven’t figured, I prefer songs with amazing lyrics.  This jazz record speaks to my spirit and my definition of love.  Day 104…)

Vultures are flying round the ramparts of the towers of our love.  Don’t it sound sweet?  Our love.

Have you ever called God wrong?
Have you ever doubted His omniscience?
I do so every time I look into your eyes.

Because of our nature
We are flawed
Bound to make mistakes and die because of them
Our spines are crucifixes
We bear our cross
Hoping that there is salvation for us at the end of our lives.

I think the Almighty doesn’t give Himself enough credit
Because who else could make something like you
And that something love something like me
Knowing that it’s inevitable I’ll make you cry?

God says there are no perfect humans
Well even He can’t see how marvelous you are.
How whole this bond between us is
Imperfect people
Imperfect hearts
Sewn together seamlessly.

#WriteFree365 – Day 103: Smiley Faces

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(I almost missed writing.  I forgot to post to this site because of Game of Thrones.  Television, the ultimate distraction.  Day 103…)

I want to be you whenever I see you smiling, because it’s easily one of the hardest things to do…

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.
It depends on which muscles we’re counting
The weight in the chest makes lifting burdens with cheeks much harder than letting them hang.

If you are able to smile
Really smile
With all that wants to hold you down
Then you are stronger than you believe.

#WriteFree365 – Day 102: Words I Don’t Remember

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(I stumbled across this song randomly perusing some Spotify playlists.  It’s a very mellow track that was easy to pull from.  I think the entries are getting easier.  Day 102…)

Just don’t ask me to sing for you, these words I don’t remember…

Somewhere underneath tossed conversation
Is this poem
This poem that was for you
Written for you when my only care was if you loved me after it was done.

Careful but carefree
Prose with perfect grammar
I think
I used to not have to think
My feelings for you were freewrites of joy
Buried in the corner
Because I let myself be consumed with editing.

Distance over time created the speed of Alzheimer’s effectiveness
Sentences treated as prison terms
After while,
The words blended like days
And I forgot if I ever read you that poem.

#WriteFree365 – Day 101: Always Will Be

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(J-Live has influenced a lot of my writing style.  As intelligent an MC as he is, I relate to that.  I chose one of his tracks for day 101…)

My sound’s my first love.

I love how she’s grown
Since we were teenagers
I’ve watched how trek into adulthood
And it changed our relationship

There was a time when I didn’t want much to do with her
Only talked to her when I had to in class.
We became friends before graduation
I never saw arousal in her smile
But when college came and went
And I came back home
She was

It’s cliche to describe obvious body parts like eyes
Hips lips and thighs
But yo
Each feature ripened
Polished and plump
And I started to wonder what it would be like
To have her

In the most private moments
When we catch up on times apart
And reminisce on the awkward conversations over homework
Kisses replaced words
Caresses replaced sentences
We became one
And after we were done
We realized
We had always been…

#WriteFree365 – Day 100: Untitled(LovedU)2

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(One hundred days.  I still can’t believe my own commitment to this.  Anyway, I pulled from thoughts I no longer think.  Time, the ultimate eraser of feeling…)

See, the way I feel about you, it’s like nothing left without you.  But I doubt you think it’s nothing more than game…

I did.
When I didn’t say it as often
When you stood in the mirror wondering if your figure still erected statues in your honor,
When crying was the language you thought I understood
Your tears
Text messages I can erase with a swipe of my thumb.

I promise I did.

You had all of me
Despite me not sharing every thought
Every random pleasure that caused my daybreak of a smile
Though no one write understands sunrise
They know it gives them hope
I’m sorry I didn’t show my hope on my face.

There was no part of me that was attached to another
The entirety of my being scared me
I apologize for placing my fear where love should go.
But my heart was yours.

It means nothing now
Closure happened long before I gathered the courage to write this.
I don’t even know if you still wondered about me.
But yes.
Yes I did
Love you too.

#WriteFree365 – Day 99: Pen Just Cries Away (HBD)

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(Today is my 27th birthday.  It’s been a beautiful day, and I’ve been shown so much love and care from, family, friends, and strangers.  But not even celebration can stop this writing challenge–or however the thoughts form.  Day 99…)

Technology has made a lot of things easier.
It’s easier to send and receive messages
To add to the speed of communication
Abbreviation is a part of written language.

As I was reading well wishes as I reached another year of life
I realized that I was reading them.
Imagining voices instead of actually hearing voices
One text stood out
From my father

Besides this being our only communication in a time period only the Universe knows
I didn’t understand.
I knew what he meant
But the message lost its meaning
Shortening something as genuine as Happy Birthday
With no other characters after it
Just wanted to hear his voice.
Twenty-seven years
And I still wish he’d call first
I know I’m an adult
But he was an adult first.
It’s not like he doesn’t have my number
He obviously knows how to scroll and select
He even understands the modern ways to text
But he couldn’t do much more to say Happy Birthday
Just three letters
Not even I love you
Not even ILY.
And it’s amazing the restraint it took to not yell why
In all caps
Timothy, why?
I just abbreviated thank you.
I hope he got the message.

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