#WriteFree365 – Day 326: Love Bomb

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(In the grand scheme of the world, this has been a draining year.  N*E*R*D has an idea.  Day 326…)

Don’t need another love song.  We need a love bomb, to just blow us away… friggin blow the lights out…

At times
Doesn’t feel like enough of an action
The pen being mightier than the sword
Has disclaimers written in invisible ink
That what I strike the paper with
May change the world
Like planting seed in dirt
Changes the world
Even if the other side of the planet never sees it

I need a nuclear peacehead
Divine weapon constructed from John 3:16
For the God in me so loved the world
That I want to destroy all this hate with an element in my words so unstoppable

But we don’t need recitation and prose
We need to be walking stanzas of compassion
Exploding when we touch another
Reloading as necessary
Our ammo is unlimited
Someone on the other side of the world
Will see this mushroom cloud of hope
And change the world.

#WriteFree365 – Day 325: Wherefore Art Thou, Gene Simmons?

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(Frank Turner, man.  He’s a genius.  Day 325…)

Not that I can point the finger, I’ve been a sinner just the same.  Fallen hard in love at hotels, and by sunrise, lost her name..

Contrary to popular belief
I don’t bleed hearts for ink
I don’t dip into the jar of unrequited desire in order to write more perceived hypnotic art
Left to right is the way I was taught to write
I’m not placing you under a spell
Now if you come at the snap of my fingers
That’s choice over manipulation.

Hearts may shatter because they were thrown and not caught
I’m not obligated to hold every beating essence
Attaching to my words
Does not mandate me to carry your heart

I’m sorry you are enamored with the artist through his art.
I’m not sorry I didn’t return infatuation to you
But I will not take the entrails of your heart
And make an example of you.

#WriteFree365 – Day 324: We Will Become Silhouettes

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(Late-night writing.  I still love it.  Day 324…)

And I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, pretending the echoes belong to someone…someone I used to know…

My hands form the shape of you
Against the wall
Against the light at my back
I hold the image of you in my hands

Temporary amusement
Until the realization that the fingers that once counted kisses by drumming down your ribs
Well never fully hold you again
That the smile Sun rising across my face
Will retreat to dusk

Even if I turn off the light
And act like I’m holding you in the night
My sadness breaks the fourth wall
And I remember
It’s not real.

#WriteFree365 – Day 323: The Dream Song

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(Spotify does it again.  Day 323…)

I wish I knew when to tell you where I’ve been; where the light will always let you in…

I think about you every day.
Like Earthlings do other planets
We cannot prove there’s life outside our bubble
And attempting to travel to search for other beings would take too long
So long that we measure the distance by the time it would take for light to reach our destination

So I just watch from afar
Using instruments constructed by the same gifts that could lead me to you
But for some reason
I’m not at the right age of discovery to travel to other worlds
Despite learning to fly long ago

I think of you every night
When the skies are clearer
And the only light necessary is my own
I send a beacon to you
Made of the starlight stored inside me from birth
Hoping to see you
Hoping to one day
Find that life I know exists out there.

#WriteFree365 – Day 322: Calls

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(Short, yet simple.)

You always answer my call. When I call, you come…

Feeling my voice in your ear
Then commands after the opening
Mouths make sounds
Your nervous system plays Telephone
Once my message reaches your lips
They speak what you think you hear
What you want to hear.

#WriteFree365 – Day 321: Mary-Go-Round

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(This is one of my favorite Musiq songs.  Back when he and Eric Roberson were composing songs, joints like this were created.  Day 321…)

How can love be so kind and so gentle, then turn and be so cold?

You would think
A woman so pure
God Himself decided to foster a love child inside her
That she wouldn’t treat love like a schoolyard prank

Holding on for dear love
Became holding on for dear life
Swept up in the force inside your spirit
That my heart began to orbit yours
In the beginning, it was fun
Smiling while revolving faster and faster
Thinking we were moving towards becoming one
We were unraveling
Who knew joint revolutions would cause a tornado?
I’m sorry I didn’t stop us from becoming a natural disaster
Still grasping onto you is nauseating
There is a cyclone drilling into the pit of my stomach
Begging me to let go

The super glue in your hug has yet to dissolve
I continue to hold onto childish love
Hoping you slow down
And make it safe to ride with you again.

#WriteFree365 – Day 320: Moonlight Chemistry

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(Did I mention that I love the cold? Day 320…)

Left arm’s wrapped around ya, reflections in the mirror…

Wintry nights
Mean “all night” lasts longer tonight
We have more darkness to illuminate
Tis the season for lengthy sessions

There’s enough cover for you to be more comfortable naked
There’s enough starlight to admire the way stars outline your body like a constellation
The scope extends to better see you

Your arms open like journal
Begging for another entry
Another exchange of secrets
Another idea left in and on you
With you
Ink just seems to flow effortlessly.

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